An American dentist, Dr. George F. Grant, was the first American to patent a tee that he had invented in 1898. It was a peg with a rubber top and was pushed into the ground and is very close to the modern tee, but did not have a concave head. The tee was never put into commercial production. Dr. Grant made them and gave them as gifts to his friends and golfing buddies.
Inspired by Dr. Grants design and the concept of golf tees as a gift, two enthusiastic golfers started to develop first ideas how to design and market attractive golf tees for proud golfers.
The first prototypes of the hybrid golf tee (made out of wood, metal and leather) have been designed and the idea of golf tees as collector´s items was born. End of April 2012, master-tees GmbH has been established as a company and further development of new designs, marketing concepts and securing of IPR took place.
Supply chain set-up and routes to market have been tested and defined. From December 1st, 2013 master-tees GmbH is ready to support its clients with high quality design golf tees as collector´s items.
Market introduction of precious collector´s golf tees, which are based on the 1899 wooden golf tee.
Two new products have been developed (Brilliant-Ball and Magnetic Key Holder) and put on the market. These are available with standard logo at www.amazon.de