The wooden shafts for our design golf-tees, we produce from three different types of premium wood (from left to right):

Sipo Mahogany:

African Sipo mahogany is a noble wood with a very high content of oil and salts, which means that nature has given the wood a high resistance to rot and fungal attacks. Mahogany has a generally straight grain and is usually free of voids and pockets. Its reddish-brown color darkens over time, and displays a reddish sheen when polished. It has excellent workability, and is very durable.


Oak is a quality material, and one of the aspects which make it stand out from other woods is the density of the material. Red and white oak are very hard and extremely shock absorbent. The oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries. Already an ancient Germanic symbol , certainly since the early nineteenth century, it stands for the nation of Germany and oak branches are thus displayed on some German coins, both of the former Deutsche Mark and the current Euro currency


Walnut wood is relatively easy to work with using power and hand tools. You can easily create crispy details after shaping, routing and sanding. It is inherently strong, stable and shock resistant. Compared to other wood types, walnut does not shrink or swell easily.

High quality leather as eye catcher.

The leather we use as inlays for our golf-tees, is high quality, fully imbued coloured nappa leather with a fine texture.

The leather originates from Germany or Italy and is also used for the interior in the automotive industry.

The current collection offers a variety of different products.

You can choose between three different types of wood, two different models/metal heads and six different leather inlays or two different gemstone inlays.

The metal head of our hybrid golf-tee is made of high quality aluminum.

Prior to processing on precision machines, the base material is anodized with a silk mat surface.

In this way, the technical and design elements come to light with a shiny accent.

At this spot on the golfball socket you could have your own logo.

For sponsors: <The Tournament Tee> You are the sponsor of a special golf event and want your guests to take home a precious starting gift to remember the event?

We will print your logo and event name on the golf-ball socket. Please contact us.

For golf-clubs: <The Annual Tee> You are decider at a golf-club and want to promote your club with members and visitors?

We will print your logo and year on the golf-ball socket. Please contact us.

The wooden shafts of our golf-tees are oiled and not painted.

So the wood retains its natural color. Pores or grain attain their full effect.

Juwellery-like gemstones.

The premium products of our collection are golf-tees with chatons.

These gemstones give each golf-tee a very special shine and make it a highlight in each collection.

The pride of every golfer is his or her own collection of precious design golf-tees from master-tees.

After a fantastic round on the course, you can reward yourself buying one in the pro-shop of the golf- club. Or you have the chance to get one as a starting gift from a sponsor in a golf tournament you compete in.

In both cases you will have a memory about a precious moment in your life and you will always remember when you see this beautiful product at home.